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As Seen On - The Song Station Karaoke Machine System Player

“ The SongStationTM ” - Premium Karaoke Home Entertainment System


The Only Karaoke Machine In The World

53,000 Karaoke Songs ...

" 53,000 Karaoke Songs". Only karaoke player in the world with 53,000 songs. Who needs another Karaoke CD or DVD disc?
"Dead Simple" Setup  It doesn't get any easier than this. All you need is a television. A plug and play system
"All In 1 System " It is not just a karaoke machine. You can play DVD, CDG, VCD, Audio and MP3 discs or equipment with it.
Great For Pubs & Clubs — Ideal for Parties, Pubs, Clubs, Cafes, DJs & even Restaurants Owners!

Enrique Iglesias Karaoke Songs Enrique Iglesias Songs
Listen to top hits such as "Hero" -Enrique Iglesias Karaoke Songs
Sarah Mclachlan Karaoke Songs Sarah Mclachlan Songs
Top karaoke tracks such as "Angel", "Building a Mystery" & more. -Sarah Mclachlan Karaoke Songs
Robbie Williams Karaoke TracksRobbie Williams Songs
Another popular artist is Robbie Williams. Listen to some of his Karaoke Tracks such as "She's The One"

Miss Michelle Ramos
" Without a doubt, The SongStation is the #1 karaoke machine for karaoke lovers I know..." | Listen To Audio

Mr. Perry Mullins
" It exceeded all my expectations! The number of tracks and the quality of the recordings alone are simply mind boggling...; " | Listen To Audio
Miss Deborah Gordon
" It just keeps getting better. As far as I am concerned, this is the best karaoke system I've ever seen ; " | Listen To Audio

The SongStation MDVD-688 Karaoke Machine System is the advanced and premium home entertainment / semi professional Karaoke & DVD player. With a massive 53,000 song track library, it provides great family and party fun. Find out more »


" Prepare To Be Blown Away...

There Is Now A New Benchmark

For Karaoke Systems In The Market "

The SongStation Karaoke System TestimonialHi Christine, well, you pulled up all the stops here!

There is unbelievable content in this karaoke machine including an amazing 53,000 songs!

The value you get is simply astounding. It is arguably the best karaoke player I've ever purchased on the Internet. I love it for a fact that it is also a DVD player with karaoke function.

All I can say is; prepare to be blown away when you turn on this

There is now a new benchmark for karaoke systems in the market.

- Mandy Whitley
Hurst, TX